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Social Login

Сообщение vulkan3 » 17.11.2013 23:11

Кто может перевести мод Social Login

Код: Выделить всё

$lang = array_merge ($lang,
	array (
		'OASL_PROFILE_TITLE' => 'Social Login',
		'OASL_PROFILE_DESC' => 'Link your account to a Social Network',
		'OASL_WIDGET_TITLE' => 'Login with a social network:',
		'OASL_SETTNGS_UPDATED' => 'Settings updated successfully.',
		'OASL_INTRO' => 'Allow your visitors to login and register with social networks like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Hyves, VKontakte, Google and Yahoo amongst others. Social Login <strong>increases your user registration rate</strong> by simplifying the registration process and provides permission-based social <strong>data retrieved from the social network profiles</strong>. Social Login integrates with your existing registration system so you and your users don\'t have to start from scratch.',
		'OASL_TITLE' => 'OneAll Social Login',
		'OASL_TITLE_HELP' => 'Help, Updates & Documentation',
		'OASL_FOLLOW_US_TWITTER' => '<a href="" class="external">Follow us</a> on Twitter to stay informed about updates;',
		'OASL_READ_DOCS' => '<a href="" class="external">Read</a> the online documentation for more information about this plugin;',
		'OASL_DISCOVER_PLUGINS' => '<a href="" class="external">Discover</a> our turnkey plugins for Drupal, Joomla, WordPress;',
		'OASL_GET_HELP' => '<a href="" class="external">Contact us</a> if you have feedback or need assistance!',
		'OASL_CREATE_ACCOUNT_FIRST' => 'To be able to use Social Login, you first of all have to create a free account at <a href="" class="external"></a> and setup a Site.',
		'OASL_SETUP_FREE_ACCOUNT' => '<a href="" class="button1 external">Setup my free account</a>',
		'OASL_VIEW_CREDENTIALS' => '<a href="" class="button1 external">Create and view my API Credentials</a>',
		'OASL_API_CONNECTION' => 'API Connection',
		'OASL_API_CONNECTION_HANDLER' => 'API Connection Handler:',
		'OASL_CURL_DESC' => 'Using CURL is recommended but it might be disabled on some servers.',
		'OASL_CURL_DOCS' => '<a href="" class="external">CURL Manual</a>',
		'OASL_FSOCKOPEN_DESC' => 'Only use FSOCKOPEN if you encounter any problems with CURL.',
		'OASL_FSOCKOPEN_DOCS' => '<a href="" class="external">FSOCKOPEN Manual</a>',
		'OASL_API_PORT' => 'API Connection Port:',
		'OASL_PORT_443' => 'Communication via HTTPS on port 443',
		'OASL_PORT_443_DESC' => 'Using port 443 is recommended but you might have to install OpenSSL on your server.',
		'OASL_PORT_80' => 'Communication via HTTP on port 80',
		'OASL_PORT_80_DESC' => 'Using port 80 is a bit faster, does not need OpenSSL but is less secure.',
		'OASL_API_AUTODETECT' => 'Autodetect API Connection',
		'OASL_API_CREDENTIALS_TITLE' => 'API Credentials - <a href="" class="external">Click here to create or view your API Credentials</a>',
		'OASL_API_SUBDOMAIN' => 'API Subdomain:',
		'OASL_API_PUBLIC_KEY' => 'API Public Key:',
		'OASL_API_PRIVATE_KEY' => 'API Private Key:',
		'OASL_API_VERIFY' => 'Verify API Settings',
		'OASL_ENABLE_NETWORKS' => 'Enable the social networks/identity providers of your choice',
		'OASL_DO_ENABLE' => 'Enable Social Login?',
		'OASL_DO_ENABLE_DESC' => 'Allows you to temporarily disable Social Login without having to remove it.',
		'OASL_DO_ENABLE_YES' => 'Enable Social Login',
		'OASL_DO_ENABLE_NO' => 'Disable Social Login',
		'OASL_DEFAULT' => 'Default',
		'OASL_DO_LINKING' => 'Enable Social Network Linking?',
		'OASL_DO_LINKING_ASK' => 'Automatically link Social Network accounts to existing user accounts?',
		'OASL_DO_LINKING_DESC' => 'If enabled, social network accounts with a verified email address will be linked to existing phpBB user accounts having the same email address.',
		'OASL_DO_LINKING_YES' => 'Enable account linking',
		'OASL_DO_LINKING_NO' => 'Disable account linking',
		'OASL_DO_REDIRECT' => 'Setup Redirection',
		'OASL_DO_REDIRECT_ASK' => 'Redirect users to this page after they have connected with their social network account:',
		'OASL_DO_REDIRECT_DESC' => 'Enter a full URL to a page of your phpBB. If left empty the user stays on the same page.',
		'OASL_API_DETECT_CURL' => 'Detected CURL on port %s - do not forget to save your changes!',
		'OASL_API_DETECT_FSOCKOPEN' => 'Detected FSOCKOPEN on Port %s - do not forget to save your changes!',
		'OASL_API_DETECT_NONE' => 'Connection failed! Your firewall must allow outbound request on either port 80 or 443.',
		'OASL_API_CREDENTIALS_FILL_OUT' => 'Please fill out each of the fields above.',
		'OASL_API_CREDENTIALS_USE_AUTO' => 'The connection handler does not seem to work. Please use the Autodetection.',
		'OASL_API_CREDENTIALS_SUBDOMAIN_WRONG' => 'The subdomain does not exist. Have you filled it out correctly?',
		'OASL_API_CREDENTIALS_KEYS_WRONG' => 'The API credentials are wrong, please check your public/private key.',
		'OASL_API_CREDENTIALS_CHECK_COM' => 'Could not contact API. Is the API connection setup properly?',
		'OASL_API_CREDENTIALS_UNKNOW_ERROR' => 'Unknow response - please make sure that you are logged in!',
		'OASL_API_CREDENTIALS_OK' => 'The settings are correct - do not forget to save your changes!',
		'OASL_SETTINGS' => 'OneAll Social Login Settings',
		'OASL_ENABLE_SOCIAL_NETWORK' => 'You have to enable at least one social network',
		'OASL_ENTER_CREDENTIALS' => 'You have to setup your API Credentials',
		'OASL_ACCOUNT_ALREADY_LINKED' => 'This social network account is already linked to another forum user.',
		'OASL_ACCOUNT_INACTIVE_OTHER' => 'The account has been created. However, the forum settings require account activation.<br />An activation key has been sent to your email address.',
		'OASL_ACCOUNT_INACTIVE_ADMIN' => 'The account has been created. However, the forum settings require account activation by an administrator.<br />An email has been sent to the administrators and you will be informed by email once your account has been activated.'

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