Забыт пароль к EasyMOD ...

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Забыт пароль к EasyMOD ...

Сообщение Porutchik » 04.03.2006 18:36

Подскажите плиз где/как его сбросить или сменить ?

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Сообщение Lanior » 15.03.2006 2:45

Код: Выделить всё

My EM password doesn't work, or I can't remember it.
This won't be very easy, but if you'll go through this steps then you should manage.

   1. Run phpMyAdmin (it doesn't come with phpBB, but is often supplied by the server administrator, if not download it from www.phpmyadmin.net); for PostgreSQL database use phpPgAdmin.
   2. Select your forum database.
   3. Run this SQL:
      SELECT * FROM phpbb_config WHERE config_name = 'EM_password'
      Note: this assumes that you haven't changed the table prefix (phpbb_) when you installed phpBB! You'll have to correct this if you changed it.
   4. Click on the edit button (shaped like a pencil)
   5. Select Function MD5 to be done with config_value
   6. Write your new password in the edit-box and press "Go".

This wasn't so hard ;). If you will need some help updating your DB, then this Tutorial on using phpMyAdmin could be helpful; for phpPgAdmin go to it's support page (try asking at their forums).


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